Shortly informed: broadband expansion, grimme online award, facebook, tktok

Shortly informed: broadband expansion, grimme online award, facebook, tktok

Glass fiber cover in Koln on the highest

When expanding with fast glass fiber lines, Koln has the nose. With a removal rate of around 80 percent, the Rheinmetropole is still ahead of Munchen and Hamburg, as the Comparison Portal Verivox detected in an evaluation based on the federal broadband content. The capital Berlin is far off in the comparison of the 20 million towns with only funf percent glass fiber lines. In the leaders, the good expansion values were concluded not only by the activities of gross telecommunications companies, but also by the contribution of local providers such as Netcologne or M-Net.

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Grimme Online Award for Virologists Road, NSU Watch and Destruction of the CDU

The podcast "The coronavirus update" With the Berlin Virologen Christian Road, the Grimme Online Award has won the. The NDR production was in the category "information" Excellent with the coveted price for outstanding network offers. In addition, the audience price went to the podcast. Another award goes to the Weblog NSU-Watch, which has been observed and documented since 2013 the NSU process as well as the parliamentary examination outcomes on the National Socialist underground on Landers and federal level. Rezos YouTube video about the contradictions of ruling politics won in the category "Special". "With besy simple, but professional means provoked rezo helpless reactions of the surprised political system, which made the video correctly to the national event", The jury meant.

Facebook wants to point out at the age of news

Facebook, according to its own data, turns a function free to provide even more background information to posted messages. Concretely, it’s about a temporal classification of divided news from newspapers and online media. By specifying the publication date of articles, the users can recognize easier whether messages are moreover outdated and there could already be more up-to-date information. Changing should be visible in Germany in the coming days.

TKTOK regularly grabs the clipboard from iPhone users

The Chinese video service Tiktok apparently copied regularly the clipboard of iOS users. These have discovered developers who have installed the freshly published iOS 14 beta on their iPhone. Tiktok now responded to the reports and gave against the British newspaper telegraph on, you will make the function off the function. Information that happened exactly with the data has not been done.

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