Shortly informed: ransomware, repair program, electric cars, airtags

Shortly informed: ransomware, repair program, electric cars, airtags

Determine with Ransomware attacks as in terrorism

To take a coordinated against cyber attacks with ransomware, the US Department of Justice has instructed penal purposes throughout the country, investigations in such traps with the prioritat performed, such as terrorism. Attacks with ransomware and digital developments have often been carried out by internationally operational managers, the Department of Justice is buried the step. In order to act effectively against these groups and attract the upgraded connections, you have to centralize the investigation. Prisoners throughout the country that determine in such cases must now pass on details without exception. So one can find connections between those responsible and at best stop the entire chain up to the top.

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Thuringen launches repair program

Repair electrical apparatus instead of throwing away – a new Commissioner of the Ministry of the Environment wants to animate the Thuringers. Be waived "Repair bonus" For example, for washing machines, vacuum cleaners or laptops. The program will be together with the consumer center on 15. June started, the Thuringian Minister Minister Anja announced Siegesmund. She spoke of a project unique in Germany, which should provide for more sustainability in dealing with broken household-guards or mobile phones and thus less electrical rubring.

Baerbock for demand for e-used cars

Annalena Baerbock, Chancellor candidate of the Grunen, wants people who drive no company car and have a low income when switching to a clean car drive supported. According to an interview with the Handelsblatt, it is also due to demanding the purchase of electrical used cars, as many commuters could not afford a new car."Climate protection needs to be social right, otherwise it does not work", So Baerbock. Climate-friendly behavior must be worthwhile, therefore, promote your party for a higher CO2 price with simultaneous social relief.

Better stalking protection at AIRTAGS

Apple has called for various procedures to improve the stalking protection with its airtags. The Ultra-Wideband and Bluetooth Trackers should therefore be abused less easily for hidden overwearing other persons – such as in relationships with partnership-based violence -. For this purpose, there should also be an Android app for this purpose. According to Apple you have the first company in the industry with the AIRTAG "Proactive functions for avoiding unquenched tracking" integrated.

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