Specialist deficiency: it companies protest against trump’s visa stop

Specialist deficiency: it companies protest against trump's visa stop's Visa Stop

US IT corporations such as Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google and Microsoft protest against a decree of Prasident Donald Trump, with which he has stopped the ie of new work visas on Monday with immediate effect. Affected by the decision are also highly qualified specialists, which usually take over the H-1B visa program for a period of time in the US jobs or studying.

Three quarters of this normally 85.000 A year immigration permissions go to Indians who work in the IT industry. According to estimates, the frosting meets around 525.000 people, among which many programmers, computer experts and scientists are. Trump funded the step that the coronavirus pandemic unemployment in the country has quadrupled between February and Marz alone and millions of people without employment.

“American workers compete with foreigners for workplaces in every sector of our economy”, wrote Trump in the arrangement. “Without counterclaims, the United States is a potentially lengthy economic recovery with persistently high unemployment”, If the offer is exceeding the demand for laborers.

“Nation of immigrants”

The bosses of numerous IT companies criticized the first decree at the end of the year in view of the ongoing specialist commander. The US are one “Nation of immigrants” and pulled their strong from their diversitat and hope to live the American dream tweeted Tim Cook by Apple. The self-derived Sundar Pichai from Google seemed like. “Immigration has contributed immensely to America”s economic success and made it a global technology guide”, he wrote on Twitter. Without migration, Google is not the company, “that is today”.

"Now it is not the time to cut out our nation from the talents of the world or to create uncertainty and inert", Monated Microsoft Prasident Brad Smith on Twitter. "Immigrants play an important role in our company and support the critical infrastructure of our country." They are right now, where "we need them most", not replaceable. An Amazon spokesman called the decision as "short-sighted". The government is thus the competitive strength of the USA.

Also representatives of corporations such as Facebook, Twitter and Uber, industry associations and burger rights organizations criticized the maaking sharp than wrong response to the pandemic. Tesla chief Elon Musk designated a visa reform in principle as a useful, but not in this exhaust. Anyone who comes across a H-1B visa to the country is usually gifted and creates new jobs in the medium term.

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