Streaming: dazn rises roughly at the champions league

Streaming: dazn rises roughly at the champions league

The streaming provider Dazn shows the season 2021/22 almost all audiobooks of the UEFA Champions League. With the exception of a game on Tuesday, which will be on Amazon, the Champions League will run from summer 2021 then exclusively at Dazn for three years. This enables the company an open mystery on Tuesday. The previous place Hirsch Sky has to remain drapes at the Champions League.

When assigning the transfer rights for the Champions League seasons 2021/22 to 2023/24 in December, Amazon had secured a top game on Tuesday. In which framing Amazon will show these games is not clear yet. After Discovery suddenly wanted to seek the right-to-licensed rights because of the Corona crisis, the online landlord spontaneously secured some Bundesliga games and transfer them without additional fees at Amazon Prime video.

Newcomer with ambitions

That sky is out at the Champions League, the company had already snapped at the end of last year. This was how only Dazn stayed. The newbie on the streaming market was launched in Germany 2016 with Live Games of the English Premier League, which were previously seen at Sky. Since the season 2018/19 Dazn has the rights of the UEFA Europa League, which go to RTL from the season 2021/22. From 2019, there were also Bundesliga games at Dazn, whose rights had bought originally discovery. From the coming season, Dazn shows all Friday and Sunday games.

In 2018, Dazn also rose in the Champions League and acquired a subempt from Place Hirsch Sky. With the acquisition of other rights, the company underlined its ambitions. "All fans can be pleased from the season 2021/22 on an extremely extensive package from UEFA Champions League and Bundesliga at Dazn, which will make us the new number 1 for all Fubball fans in Germany", says Germany boss Thomas de Buhr.

Couple in ZDF?

The Champions League package of Dazn comprises 121 of the 138 games as well as the conferences and considers. It is open whether a transmitter right for collecting the games can be secured. The ZDF will probably radiate the finals in the free-TV, but obviously negotiates over the summary. Sky focuses on the Bundesliga.

Also in the corona stress improvised conclusion of the European competitions of the current season is there. The streaming provider shows encounters of the Champions League and the Europa League. Also, the summary can be seen at Dazn. The Champions League shares Dazn with Sky, which translates all the games of the German teams FC Bayern Munchen and RB Leipzig. Sky and Dazn each show a quarter-finals exclusively, the two other lots as well as semi-finals and finals can be seen in both.

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