Tails 4.17: software updates and smaller bugfixes for anonymous os

Tails 4.17: software updates and smaller bugfixes for anonymous os

A new version of the Debian-based, anonymous live system tails is now available. The developers have in Tails 4.17 updated supplied software and thus eliminates some attacking possibilities; In addition, they have screwed on the reliability of the automatic upgrade process and fixed some bugs.

The Linux Distribution Tails ("The Amnesic Incognito Live System") Supplies users to move (possibly) anonymously on the Internet to bypass state censorship and leave no traces on used computers. In addition, it brings with tools to protect sensitive files and digital communication from unauthorized access.

Fresh software improved automatic upgrades

Tails 4.17 raises the goal version serving as the basis for anonymization to The gate browser has also received an update, with the Tail developers in the release notes a typo allowed to undergo a typing: the gate browser version 10 specified there.0.14 is expected according to Release Schedule either in April. Meant is probably version 10 instead.0.13 (Release today Tuesday) on Firefox 78.9 ESR is based and thus at least four vulnerable fixes on board. Also the Thunderbird update to 78.8 LIVES FOVE WEIGHTS. The bootloader Grub was on 2.04-16 updated.

Particular attention has paid the developers according to their own statements this time to improve the reliability of the automatic upgrade process. Among other things, upgrade-accompanying adjustments of the file system should prevent these fail. Over the upgrade process, the upgrade process should automatically be reassembled after a demolition. Information about other smaller changes as well as various bugfixes summarizes the release admission to Tails 4.17 together.

Tails 4.17: Update and installation

Whoever uses Tails already from a USB stick can perform an automatic upgrade. But this works only from version 4.15: "Automatic Upgrades Are Broken From Tails 4.14 and Earlier", Already in the Release Notes to Tails 4.16. Who a version before 4.15 uses either a manual upgrade or the automatic upgrade using a terminal command mentioned in the Release Notes "repair".

How to make a manual upgrade, a contribution explains on the Tails website. For the reinstallation, the Tails developers provide instructions for Linux, MacOS and Windows. CAUTION: According to Release Notes, existing persistent storage (and thus the data stored there) is lost if you take a reinstallation instead of an upgrade.

Tails 4.18 should be on 20. April 2021 appear. Curious find information about planned innovations in the roadmap for fine tail versions.

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