Vaccination appointments in nrw: websites and hotlines overloaded after launch

Vaccination appointments in nrw: websites and hotlines overloaded after launch

At the start of the vaccination schedule in North Rhine-Westphalia, there has been a rush to the registration websites and hotlines. The Associations of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians of North Rhine and Westphalia-Lippe spoke of an overload and asked for patience.

Too rough rush

Extremely high access numbers to the websites and a high volume of calls to the 116 117 hotline currently led to significant delays in booking appointments for those eligible for vaccinations over the age of 80 in NRW, the organizations reported on Monday afternoon. "Work is underway to eliminate the bottlenecks", heb it further. "Anyone who has the option of booking an appointment at a later date should make use of this option."

The group of people entitled to vaccinations, who will be able to make appointments from Monday, comprises almost one million people in NRW. Despite the rough call center capacities with around 1,200 employees and the online portals created specifically for booking, it is so rough that there are bottlenecks in the allocation of appointments, at least to start with.

The organizations asked all people under the age of 80 who are not yet eligible for vaccination not to call yet, but only when appointments start for them as well. When that will be is still open. In addition, the telephone registration options for a Corona vaccination should be used primarily for scheduling appointments and not for general questions about the Corona vaccination.

Anyone can get vaccinated

"No one has to worry about their vaccination or their appointment", explained the organizers. "Everyone who wants to be vaccinated will get it, but not immediately. No one has to worry about being too late."

According to the data, the vaccine quantities are initially sufficient to be used from 8. February per week, about 70.000 people per week in vaccination centers in North Rhine-Westphalia. By the beginning of April, around 560,000 doses of vaccine will have been.000 doses of vaccine will be available.

Lines are manned from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. daily. People living in the Rhineland part of NRW should dial the toll-free number 0800 116 117 01, people in Westphalia should dial 0800 116 117 02, which is also toll-free. Who dials only the 116 117, is passed on. Who did not get through on Monday, hoard the announcement: "Unfortunately, due to numerous calls, all lines in your district are currently busy. Please try again later". On the Internet, the registration portals are available at

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