Vanmoof: app update removes us maximum speed for e-bikes

Vanmoof: app update removes us maximum speed for e-bikes

With an app update, the Dutch e-bike manufacturer Vanmoof preserves its customers in front of Arger with the police: The new version of the application removes the possibility to set the engine to US maximum speed. In the settings of the app no longer finds the selection menu with the EU and USA options. Instead, the app present only one button for backing the land settings. Who has operated his bike with US speed limit, only needs to print the button once, whereupon the wheel automatically sets itself on the EU specifications.

Vanmoof: app update removes us maximum speed for e-bikes

Screenshot from the new VanMoOF app: the possibility to switch between US and EU has been removed.

For several weeks, in Pedelec forums, the reports of drivers with e-bikes of the company Vanmoof, who reported by vanished controls by the police. The smart e-bikes of the Dutch manufacturer allow you to adapt various settings on the bike to your own desired wish settings in the associated smartphone app. While most options are useful, has one of them potential for legal problems: in the random settings of the app lay down whether the wheel is moved in the EU or in the USA.

Within the EU, Pedelecs reach a highest speed of 25 km / h. If you get strong in the pedals, you can drive faster, the engine then does not support anymore. Different in the United States: Here you can quickly be e-bikes 20 miles per hour, which corresponds to 32 km / h. If a user turned his speed limit in the app to USA, he got a mini-tuning for his e-bike, which bypasses the EU-wide highest speed.

Legal problems

Running around with 32 km / h is in this country but legally tricked: Although the local laws also allow high speeds in e-bikes, but then stages them as so-called S-pedelecs, for which, among other things, a helmet and a compulsory insurance. Without type examination of the wheel, without helmet and without insurance mark on the wheel you can help with the mini-tuning so a lot of Arger.

Several users reported that the police had prohibited them onwards. Some got a defense card with the request to re-feed the wheel after removing the defect. The problem: The deficiency was that users were theoretically able to operate the wheel with an unauthorized highest speed. Since the app provoked this feature per se, the owner of a vanmoof bike could not eliminate the defect even. After the update published now for Android and iOS, VanMoOF drivers are on the safe side.

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