Vivaldi browser supports apple’s m1 chip and gets faster

Vivaldi browser supports apple's m1 chip and gets faster's M1 chip and gets faster

On the internet it can never go fast enough. Therefore, Vivaldi made his legs of the same name: he opens tabs twice as fast as before. “Even a new window now opens 26 percent faster”, Looks forward to Vivaldi boss Jon von Tetzchner. Version 3.7 Supports Apple’s Arm-based M1 processor, which makes surfing much faster. Compared to Intel Macs, the speed should have doubled according to the manufacturer.

The developers have pushed performance on their to-do list at the top. High speed tanning the highest prioritat, explaining tetzchner in the Vivaldi blog. Compared to the previous version 3.6 Offen the new Fang Tabs by 100 percent. This has shown its own benchmarks of the manufacturer. Users who divide their tabs into different browser windows can also be happy about short reaction times.

Context menu as desired

His fans accooks Vivaldi with special stitch options that do not offer other browsers. New is the possibility to pay the context menu (which is available via right-clicking on a web page) individually. For example, overflow occurrence can be easily postponed or sweeten. The extensive “Menuanpang” is under the Vivaldi settings “depiction” to find.

Vivaldi browser supports apple's m1 chip and gets faster's M1 chip and gets faster

Vivaldi users can use the many menus to customize and remove overflowing occurrences.

Websites in the web panels the browser charged on request at specified time ramped. That was so far only possible in normal tabs and is practically about for news pages. Furthermore, there is also a new stack function: it groups all the sooped tabs that belong to the same domain, which increases atomization. Right click on the user on a tab and elements “Group Tabs to Host”.

New for Android catch

There is also a fresh update for the Android catch from Vivaldi: It wants to score with many improvements in the user interface. Bookmark can now be easily added to the quick selection or folders. One “friendly welcome page” Covets new users and explains the prior to the browser. Over the settings, a “What”s new”-Page callable, which is updated with each version. All changes and innovations are noted in the Changelog.

Vivaldi uses chromium as a substructure. The browser is available for Windows, Macos and Linux. The mobile version is available for download for Android; An iOS variant is still missing. Updates, the browser usually downloads automatically.

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