“The witcher blood origin”: netflix turns new series with six parts

Netflix has an offshoot series of "The Witcher" Confirmed, which should play a long before the events of the main series around witches. "The Witcher: Blood Origin" Does the origin of the witcher pay 1200 years ago. In the Buchers of Andrzej Sapkowski, the well-known Witcher world was created by the so-called "Sphare conjuncture": a collision of multiple parallel worlds, through which magical living beings entered the world.

In case of bookers and films, this Sci-Fi concept has so far vague, obviously Netflix, with his new series, now might bring some light into the dark. Overall, the new live action series, which is produced by Declan de Barra and Lauren Schmidt Hissrich, should have six parts. Actors are not yet known, also a publication date does not name Netflix.

Animation film also in progress

With "The Witcher: Blood Origin" Netflix liked to the rough success of the first season of "The Witcher" puck. This series had been viewed by 76 million households at least two minutes – according to Netflix record for a first season. Next to "Blood Origin" Does Netflix also work on an animation movie called "The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf".


Microservices: thorntail bows in front of quarkus and takes on farewell

The team behind Thorntail has announced to hire the Open Source project after five years. The software started under the name Wildfly Swarm aims for suitable tailored Java application packages for Microservices architectures. As a reason for the setting, the team calls two aspects: Quarkus has established itself in the Micrososervices segment, and the application server Wildfly, which is the open source basis for Red Hat JBoss EAP, is now fully tailored to the Microprofile API.

From Wildfly Swarm to Thorntail

In mid-2015, the first alpha of Wildfly Swarm has appeared. The project aimed for properly tailored variants of the Java application server for specific applications. It relies on the FAT-JAR concept or single JAR Applications: all needed components for exporting an application including the components of the application server in a Java archive.

With the version jump to 2.0 also changed the name of the project: From Wildfly Swarm was Thorntail. By mid-2020, some minor releases followed. The current version Thorntail 2.7.0 has been published in June and will be the last update of the series planned.


Infrastructure as code: checkmarx publishes static code analysis kics

Infrastructure as code: checkmarx publishes static code analysis kics

The Israeli companies specialized at Security in the DevoPS environment Checkmarx has expanded its portfolio of the Software KICS designed for infrastructure as Code (IAC). The acronym stands for Keeping Infrastructure as Code Secure. The Open Source application searches for static code analysis after vulnerabilities such as the code stored in code or passwords in plain text.

Especially in the cloud-native environment, but also in the classical data center, the IAC designated and managing the infrastructure about code increasing popularity. Benefits include the simple connection of procedures from software development such as versioning.

Weak points in plain text

The KICS tool examines the code with methods of static code analysis after vulnerabilities such as misconfigurations to reduce the risk for data leaks. The software is looking for hard-coded passwords or closing in the code. In addition, it should trace incorrect configurations and compliance problems.


Shortly informed: broadband expansion, grimme online award, facebook, tktok

Shortly informed: broadband expansion, grimme online award, facebook, tktok

Glass fiber cover in Koln on the highest

When expanding with fast glass fiber lines, Koln has the nose. With a removal rate of around 80 percent, the Rheinmetropole is still ahead of Munchen and Hamburg, as the Comparison Portal Verivox detected in an evaluation based on the federal broadband content. The capital Berlin is far off in the comparison of the 20 million towns with only funf percent glass fiber lines. In the leaders, the good expansion values were concluded not only by the activities of gross telecommunications companies, but also by the contribution of local providers such as Netcologne or M-Net.

Our site – briefly informed ยท briefly informed 26.06.2020: Broadband expansion, Grimme Online Award, Facebook, Tktok

Grimme Online Award for Virologists Road, NSU Watch and Destruction of the CDU

The podcast "The coronavirus update" With the Berlin Virologen Christian Road, the Grimme Online Award has won the. The NDR production was in the category "information" Excellent with the coveted price for outstanding network offers. In addition, the audience price went to the podcast. Another award goes to the Weblog NSU-Watch, which has been observed and documented since 2013 the NSU process as well as the parliamentary examination outcomes on the National Socialist underground on Landers and federal level. Rezos YouTube video about the contradictions of ruling politics won in the category "Special". "With besy simple, but professional means provoked rezo helpless reactions of the surprised political system, which made the video correctly to the national event", The jury meant.


Report: apple takes store suppliers into the pliers

Report: apple takes store suppliers into the pliers

Apple seems to screw in the corona crisis on the conditions for third-party manufacturers who want to distribute their products via the official Apple store. Like the in the Great Britain The Telegraph reports, it is also affected by the – currently booming paragraph over Apple’s in-house online store. Some suppliers report, they were from the iPhone Group "pronounced".

Anti-demand payment term, changed sales model

According to the information, the manufacturers have to be significantly longer to wait for their money. The payment term was demanded from 45 to 60 days. The only goods were not very tragic, because other handlers in Covid-19 times require similar constituents. It is unclear, for how many countries the new measures apply; Apple guides models but like the same worldwide.

The iPhone manufacturer represents loud The Telegraph At the same time the sales model. There is a so-called consignment model, a commission-based sale. This ensures that the Apple Retail Store and the Apple Online Store believe the report first dropped money when a product was actually sold, not already when Apple has received it (plus 60 days, sees itself). Thus, Apple moves the inventory costs quasi to the suppliers.


“Total was: troy” applicates exclusively and free of epic games store

Epic Games tries to be a new form of exclusive ideal: the upcoming strategy game "A Total was Saga: Troy" will not only appear at the EPIC Games Store, but to be available for free for free. EPIC combines its two most popular methods to attack Steam.

who "Total was: Troy" wants to take free in the EPIC Games Store, must be fast: the strategy game will be available for free 24 hours after the start. Beyond "Troy" Normal price costs – expected between 40 and 50 euros. The release of "Total was: Troy" is for the 13. August planned, a year later can "Troy" Then also appear on Steam. Pre-orderable was the game yet. the "Totally"-Series is one of the most important strategies on the PC.

Trailer too "Total was: Troy" (Source: Creative Assembly)


“Metro exodus”: vibration features of the ps5 gamepad also on pc

A current patch for the PC version of "Metro Exodus: Enhanced Edition" Improves the compatibility of the EGO shooter to the PS5 Gamepad "Dualsense". With the update, the Ukrainian Developer Studio 4a Games activates the pracisen vibration motors and adaptive triggers on the PC.

"Metro Exodus: Enhanced Edition" is thus the first larger PC game that supports the special functions of the dualSense controller. Players can use the PS5 Gamepad with all the titles published on the Game Platform Steam. In this integration, however, only the standard functions, for example, the head and the simple vibration work.

The Features of the DualSense Controller tried


Germany explores manganese reduction in the pacific – greenpeace protested

Germany explores manganese reduction in the pacific - greenpeace protested

Germany examines the degradation of metal-containing tubers in the deep sea within the framework of a European research project. In the Pacific between Hawaii and Mexico a device is tested until mid-May, which can accommodate so-called manganese seams from the seabed, the Federal Institute for Geosciences and Raw Materials (BGR) on Wednesday. The tubers contain raw materials that are important for renewable energy technologies and electrical gersides, in addition to manganese are the nickel, copper and cobalt.

Giant vacuums on the seabed

The works for the project "Mining impact" First of all, take place in a Belgian, then in a German manganese license area. The Collector Prototype of the Belgian Company Global Sea Mineral Resources (GSR) is drained in 4500 meters depth. The prototype named "Patania II "exists according to BGR message from a suspension and a hydraulic recording system, over which the tubers are sucked together with the surrounding sediment. According to GSR, the tuber collector is supplied and controlled by a five kilometer long cable from the ship with energy.

In addition, two dive robots and about 40 different sensors on the seabed are in use. A team of 23 scientists aboard the Norwegian ship "Iceland Pride" should explore the environmental impact. According to the BGR it is the world’s first test of this kind.


Ex-app store manager: apple rules as “weapon” against competition

Ex-app store manager: apple rules as 'weapon' against competition'waffe' gegen konkurrenz'waffe' gegen konkurrenz

A former Apple manager has burdened his early employer on an appeal of the US Reprused Antenna House via the business building of App Stores. Apple use the rules that apply to publications in the App Store, also as a means of competing competitors, said the former responsible for the app shares, Phil Shoemaker, according to a yelled published in the competition report of the competition committee.

The Committee examines the business gain of digital platforms and their effects on free competition. Besides Apple and the App Store were also platform operators such as Amazon, Facebook and Google in the visor of the deputies. In their report presented on Tuesday, they conclude that the divisions of the corporations should be better separated from each other.

"Completely" rules

Shoemaker carried out the 450 pages strong report that Apple is the app review rules that are subject to all developers – with some unregistered exceptions – as "Weapon against competitors" insertion. The Group also has "voluntary" or at least "discussion" App Store co-plants set up.


Easter with make: we are looking for the most beautiful easter projects

Easter with make: we are looking for the most beautiful easter projects

Easter is crafting time. And not all alone in front of themselves, we want to share our ideas! Therefore, we are looking for your projects at the Make Projects Easter Challenge. Every year we present some Easter projects, such as these 3D printers converted to the easter egg-painted 3D printer, but we are sure: there is still much more.

Easter project submit

3D-printed Easter eggs, Easter bunny robot, self embroidered egg warm, Easter bunny in all sorts of formats, egg-mal machines, colorful upcycling easter decoration of old boards, egg detectors, self-made silicone baking molds in the Easter design for the Easter brunch or chocolate … What are there for festive easter projects a? Sign up on our project platform Make Projects and shows us.

Which topic of yours you play, which material or which tools you use, we leave completely free. You can work toilet, close, 3D printing, with wood or steel or handle the CNC fries and leave the creativity free run.