Vivaldi browser supports apple's m1 chip and gets faster's M1 chip and gets faster

On the internet it can never go fast enough. Therefore, Vivaldi made his legs of the same name: he opens tabs twice as fast as before. “Even a new window now opens 26 percent faster”, Looks forward to Vivaldi boss Jon von Tetzchner. Version 3.7 Supports Apple’s Arm-based M1 processor, which makes surfing much faster. Compared to Intel Macs, the speed should have doubled according to the manufacturer.

The developers have pushed performance on their to-do list at the top. High speed tanning the highest prioritat, explaining tetzchner in the Vivaldi blog. Compared to the previous version 3.6 Offen the new Fang Tabs by 100 percent. This has shown its own benchmarks of the manufacturer. Users who divide their tabs into different browser windows can also be happy about short reaction times.

Context menu as desired

His fans accooks Vivaldi with special stitch options that do not offer other browsers. New is the possibility to pay the context menu (which is available via right-clicking on a web page) individually. For example, overflow occurrence can be easily postponed or sweeten. The extensive “Menuanpang” is under the Vivaldi settings “depiction” to find.

Report: apple takes store suppliers into the pliers

Apple seems to screw in the corona crisis on the conditions for third-party manufacturers who want to distribute their products via the official Apple store. Like the in the Great Britain The Telegraph reports, it is also affected by the – currently booming paragraph over Apple’s in-house online store. Some suppliers report, they were from the iPhone Group "pronounced".

Anti-demand payment term, changed sales model

According to the information, the manufacturers have to be significantly longer to wait for their money. The payment term was demanded from 45 to 60 days. The only goods were not very tragic, because other handlers in Covid-19 times require similar constituents. It is unclear, for how many countries the new measures apply; Apple guides models but like the same worldwide.

The iPhone manufacturer represents loud The Telegraph At the same time the sales model. There is a so-called consignment model, a commission-based sale. This ensures that the Apple Retail Store and the Apple Online Store believe the report first dropped money when a product was actually sold, not already when Apple has received it (plus 60 days, sees itself). Thus, Apple moves the inventory costs quasi to the suppliers.

Ex-app store manager: apple rules as 'weapon' against competition'waffe' gegen konkurrenz'waffe' gegen konkurrenz

A former Apple manager has burdened his early employer on an appeal of the US Reprused Antenna House via the business building of App Stores. Apple use the rules that apply to publications in the App Store, also as a means of competing competitors, said the former responsible for the app shares, Phil Shoemaker, according to a yelled published in the competition report of the competition committee.

The Committee examines the business gain of digital platforms and their effects on free competition. Besides Apple and the App Store were also platform operators such as Amazon, Facebook and Google in the visor of the deputies. In their report presented on Tuesday, they conclude that the divisions of the corporations should be better separated from each other.

"Completely" rules

Shoemaker carried out the 450 pages strong report that Apple is the app review rules that are subject to all developers – with some unregistered exceptions – as "Weapon against competitors" insertion. The Group also has "voluntary" or at least "discussion" App Store co-plants set up.

Eu commission: apple distorts the competition at streaming subscriptions

The EU Commission accuses Apple unfair competition in his App Store. Apple disadvantaged other providers of Musikstreaming Apps, explained competition commissarin Margrethe Vestager on Friday based on premier findings of an investigation. The Commission believes, among other things, that the selling of subscriptions in the apps over Apple’s payment platform must be handled and thus competitors are hindered.

The Commission’s investigation was totled in Marz 2019 by a complaint of the Music Treaming Market Spotify, which competes with Apple Music. In June last year, the Commission then initiated an antitrust examination. In this procedure, she has officially authorized Apple her sight. Thus, the competitive helps go the next step of an antitrust examination. Apple now first has the opportunity to reply.

Gatekeeper and competitors

The competition herd showed the worried that Apple users had to pay for Musikstreaming subscriptions or could not buy some subscriptions in their apps. They also came to their premier findings that Apple has a dominant market position in the distribution of music streaming applications in the App Store. The Group is at the same time "Gatekeeper" and competitor with his own service Apple Music, emphasized Vestor.

Ios 15 co: the apple updates come on these iphones, ipads and macs

Apple also supports alter hardware with coarse system updates: iOS 15 can be installed on all iPhones where iOS 14 is also running out of the system requirements published by Apple. The cover reaches back to the iPhone 6S and 6S plus from 2015, including the iPhone SE of the first generation (2016) can be updated on iOS 15.

At iPados 15 moves Apple as follows: The new version of the tablet operating system attached for autumn is compatible with all iPad Pro generations, the iPad from the Feden Generation, the iPad Mini from 4 and the iPad Air from 2, that’s enough Back to rates with year 2014.

Apple introduces IOS 15 (WWDC 2021) (Source: Apple)

Tracking-opt-in in ios 14: other companies warn against sales pits

After Facebook, further bored companies have warned against incalculable effects by a pending data protection change in IOS 14: The Game Engine Unity pointed out investors that the tracking opt-in from Apple soon was allowed to affect their own business and the game industry directly on their own business and the game industry : The innovation affects "The way to win new customers with the developers of mobile games and how the Customer Lifetime Value is optimized", It is called Unity – talking how much money is during the whole "Playing" Leave this generation.

Unity sees sales pits

Unity predicts that changes to iPhones and iPads reduces sales by around $ 30 million, which is a reduction of around 3 percent of the expected total sales in the business year 2021. However, the actual pits through Apple’s tracking opt-in are still difficult to conclude, the company shared with the announcement of the youngest business figures.

The messaging app snapchat flourishes that with iOS 14.5 Coming Tracking Opt-In "Interruption" In the demand of advertising bursts leads. The long-term effects on their own business can not be refrained yet, these were probably only several months later clear, explained Snaps CFO against financial analysts after the announcement of the business figures.

Apple will not go the three years backing iPhone battery debacle. A federation of European consumer protection organizations now wants to prevail in Europe for end customers: two collective actions against Apple have already been submitted in Belgium and Spain by local consumer protectioners, two more should follow in Italy and Portugal, as the organization of Euroconsumers announced. You won the manufacturer so that "Send clear message that planned obsolescence can not be accepted long".

Consumer protections demand 60 euros per iPhone

The attempt to regulate the matter with Apple out-of-court, was failed, emphasized Euroconsumers on Wednesday. The lawsuits cover several million iPhones sold in Europe, including Iphone 6, 6s, 7 and SE, per affected Gerat will be a payment of "On average at least 60 euros" demands.

He hope for one "Snowball effect", in which another European countries adhere to the lawsuits, a lawyer declared the peculiar side against the Financial Times. In a letter to the claim, Apple has the premieges in advance as "Factist and legally wrong" designated – the company was "Never reduce the user experience", To buy customers to buy. Longevity is important, Apple explained in an opinion against the economic newspaper, only then customers became their devices "love".

Apple launches podcast abody service

Apple will also offer payment content in the audio area. The salary of the Group on his "Spring Loaded"-Keynote on Tuesday. To do this, the new podcasts app is obtained with iOS 14.5, iPados 14.5 and MacOS 11.3 should be delivered, new functions – but it is also conceivable that early versions of the application are the new subscription feature called "Apple podcasts subscriptions" obtain.

Podcaster must pay

The service should provide it according to Apple "Creators" In the above 170 countries and regions from May Music to offer paid podcasts. To do this, you must be on the new "Apple Podcasters Program" Participate, which costs 20 US dollars a year. Then you can determine prizes for your offers, which will be retracted monthly or decline – Uber Apple’s full Apple ID payment system. By family release, a subscription can be distributed to up to six family members. Podcasters are available to measure the success of their content.

The prices start at 49 US-cent per month. According to American media reports, Apple will secure a commission as a commercial. This starts at 30 percent in the first year of the subscription of a user, from the second, the Group approves 15 percent. This model will be offered developers so far already with in-app subscriptions. However, it is not planned that podcast producers must deposit this exclusively at Apple. Apple stresses, however, that Creators are distributed between the offer at the Group and external podcasts "differentiate" should – for example, where Apple shipments are offered with additional content without advertising or with a more early publication date.

Black friday 2020 at iphone, ipad, mac co: exciting deals for apple users

The Black Friday brings sales actions around Apple hardware from iPhones over iPads and Macs to Apple Watch, Airpods and other accessories. Many of the offers are little attractive in case of accurate look, so some handlers tries to suggest the ware of goods. Especially with Macs should be exactly prompted before a purchase, which year is actually offered. To facilitate the search, we have compiled interesting offers.

For Apple itself, there is no price reductions as usual, but the manufacturer creates gift cards worth 25 to 150 euros when purchasing certain products. With the maps, the Apple ID balance can be used and shopping into App Store and iTunes Store in App Store and iTunes Store. Also subscriptions for Apple and many third-party services can be paid by it.

Black Friday for iPhones

The new iPhone 12 takes Apple from his action. A gift card of 50 euros is available when buying an iPhone SE 2020, iPhone XR (2018) or iPhone 11. Media Markt and Saturn offer the iPhone SE 2020 currently for just under 400 euros.

Apple watch hohenerfang delivers faulty values

Users of the current Apple-Watch models complain about problems at the high beginning. Both Series 6 and SE, both appeared last autumn, have an integrated real-time high knife.

Since autumn and again false values

The altimeter works barometrically, thus detects the high over the air prere. In the official Apple Forum in German, there is currently a two-pages long thread that works with the topic. "My high ad is static wrong or will only be scatzed by the watch", Among other things, it is called. Even iPhone Has reported on this week from the problem. The problem is complained at least since November.

Apple wants to be exactly 30 centimeters

Apple also uses GPS data and WLAN networks in addition to the altimeter, according to own information, "Smallest changes in the high over the sea level" to detect – with an accuracy up to 30 centimeters. Users speak of misrepresentations that are significantly about it – partly by 50 meters and even 300 meters wake up.