Gmail for ios so old that google warns from our own app

Google’s apparent defensive residence against Apple’s new privacy policy for apps has been ensuring that iPhone and iPad users can only use obsolete programs of the Group. Now the search giant already warns my own applications because this is ancient.

Use at your own risk

As a US IT journalist – as well as numerous users – noticed on Wednesday, the popular Gmail application showed a dialogue in the meantime, which strikes that the use of the program only at its own risk. After Google noticed the embarrassment, the warning became a server-side.

The dialogue that appeared under the registration with the e-mail provider was simply that "This app outdated" may be. "You should update the app. The version you use are missing the latest security features to protect them. Continue only if you understand the risks." The problem: There are no updates of Gmail for iOS and iPados, just as well as numerous other Google applications.

Apple with open letter against racism

After the violent death of the African American George Floyd and the persistent protests in many US cities, Apple boss Tim Cook has released. In an open letter, on the iPhone Group on Thursday prominent on Apple.Com refers, Cook calls on not to extinguish the eyes before racism and discrimination.

Cook: Discrimination in USA "deeply rooted"

the "meaningless totung" from Floyd and one "Much more long history of racism" have "entitled to emport" wanted, stressed Cook. You have to enter the move for each other and the associated protests as well "Fear and pain" recognize. Discrimination is still deeply rooted in the US, seeing the criminal justice. The laws had already changed, but "in reality" If your protective functions were not applied to everyone, and it "is true that black communities continue to suffer from discrimination". To achieve changes, everyone wants to think his views and actions.

Apple wanted to support various organizations with donations, including the Equal Justice initiative, fighting against racist injustices and bulk officials, write Cook. The Group also wanted to continue his work in technical support of poorly erupted schools and use internally for inclusion and diversitat. The continuing of the struggle against climate change is important, so Cook, because this pity "crossproportionally black communities".