5G demand builds business at the chip concier qualcomm

At the chip concier Qualcomm, the interest in rapid 5G data radio provides for rapid growth. In the past quarter, sales rose by 65 percent year-on-year to 8 billion US dollars. The profit also jumped from $ 845 million (715.5 million. Euro) a year ago on last good two billion dollars high.

However, this is a comparison with a weak quarter after consultation of borse experts, like CNBC notes. In the second quarter of 2020, the chip developer recorded lower demand due to the coronavirus pandemic. Qualcomm is strongly in the business with 5G modems, with which the Californian company also supplies Apple’s iPhones. Also, the main chips of many smartphones with Google’s operating system Android from Qualcomm.

Qualcomm achieves 80 percent of its turnover with the selling of these chips. Here, the revenue at the last year has increased by 70 percent to $ 6.47 billion, as Qualcomm announced after US Borsen’s deadline on Wednesday. Groomed growth in the semiconductor area recorded Qualcomm with modem chips, for example for 5G mobile radio. Sales increased by 114 percent to $ 957 million.

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Determine with Ransomware attacks as in terrorism

To take a coordinated against cyber attacks with ransomware, the US Department of Justice has instructed penal purposes throughout the country, investigations in such traps with the prioritat performed, such as terrorism. Attacks with ransomware and digital developments have often been carried out by internationally operational managers, the Department of Justice is buried the step. In order to act effectively against these groups and attract the upgraded connections, you have to centralize the investigation. Prisoners throughout the country that determine in such cases must now pass on details without exception. So one can find connections between those responsible and at best stop the entire chain up to the top.

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Thuringen launches repair program

Repair electrical apparatus instead of throwing away – a new Commissioner of the Ministry of the Environment wants to animate the Thuringers. Be waived "Repair bonus" For example, for washing machines, vacuum cleaners or laptops. The program will be together with the consumer center on 15. June started, the Thuringian Minister Minister Anja announced Siegesmund. She spoke of a project unique in Germany, which should provide for more sustainability in dealing with broken household-guards or mobile phones and thus less electrical rubring.

Striving lanterns help to find parking and false parkers

42 Striving lanterns with detectors now help in the Dusseldorfer InnerStadtstrabe Furstenwall in parking search. On about 170 parking straps on the strain edge, the assignment is recorded with the help of sensors on the lanterns and transfer to the Internet. So canning motorists recognize by smartphone, where free parking is. This is intended to say nerves and the environment – in downtown districts, the parking refill has a significant share, it is called from Dusseldorf. The data is also recorded on a display at the intersection Furstenwall / Crown Strait.

The new strain lanterns should also be able to recognize ordinants, so whether fire brigade to be parked or whether cars were parked in the second row. You should pay road users and classify in two-wheel, car and truck. Also, the centrifugal speed and the length of stay is determined. Thus, the traffic qualitat should be depreciated and the traffic can be controlled.

The data is based on the detection of MAC addresses that are recorded pseudonymised and converted into a timestamp. Four signs with privacy instructions have been placed on the Furstenwall. Other sensors capture environmental and weather data.

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Air transport industry wants another billion from the federal government

Immediately before the planned aviation summit of the Federal Government, the industry has demanded additional billion aid from the Confederation. According to airlines, the airport and the federal German air traffic security had to be renovated with taxpayers, requires representatives of industry associations, which participate in the meeting planned for Friday in Berlin. In addition, perspectives for a pandemic-safe air traffic had to be created. By contrast, it hails criticism from the transport club VCD, which pays attention to an environmental contract. Attemptured structures were not allowed to be trimmed with billions. Unconditional assistance as in Lufthansa durfe there is no longer, but they had to be coupled to climate protection.

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Microsoft Office comes for Mac computers with arm processors

If the first Mac computer comes on the market with ARM processors, Microsoft might become apparent with his office package – not only emulated by Rosetta 2, but native. Parts of a first application from the Buroprogram collection are now running on Apple Silicon run. When Office is completely standing for Arm Macs, however, is still unclear. It is possible that Microsoft will first make detailed changes to Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook Co. Principle for Apple Silicon to do run. The fact that the complete package will appear native, but many observers are considered safe. Apple will present first gardures with Apple Silicon next Tuesday.

Electric cars: volkswagen sells more e cars for the first time as tesla

There has been some shifts last year in the worldwide market for electric cars. The proportion of cars with purely battery electric drive, with fuel cells and plug-in hybrids at the world’s overall market rose from 2.7 percent in the fourth quarter of 2019 to 5.8 percent a year later, the management consultancy Alixpartners has calculated. The sum of the electrical reach of all E-Cars sold has doubled to 386 million km.

Electric cars: Hitparade of total ranges after models in Q4 / 2020 in Europe

Electric cars: volkswagen sells more e cars for the first time as tesla

Rank 8: The Peugeot E-208 comes to a share of the total range of 2.7 percent.

Volkswagen was in the last quarter 2020 with 192.000 Overhaul to Tesla in the number of electric vehicles sold. Based on the worldwide electrical reach, Tesla remained in the fourth quarter of the previous year with about 100 million km of leader. Volkswagen comes to 45 million km, due to the higher proportion of plug-in hybrids in Europe. This weights the management consultancy in the cumulative range lower.