Specialist deficiency: it companies protest against trump's visa stop's Visa Stop

US IT corporations such as Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google and Microsoft protest against a decree of Prasident Donald Trump, with which he has stopped the ie of new work visas on Monday with immediate effect. Affected by the decision are also highly qualified specialists, which usually take over the H-1B visa program for a period of time in the US jobs or studying.

Three quarters of this normally 85.000 A year immigration permissions go to Indians who work in the IT industry. According to estimates, the frosting meets around 525.000 people, among which many programmers, computer experts and scientists are. Trump funded the step that the coronavirus pandemic unemployment in the country has quadrupled between February and Marz alone and millions of people without employment.

“American workers compete with foreigners for workplaces in every sector of our economy”, wrote Trump in the arrangement. “Without counterclaims, the United States is a potentially lengthy economic recovery with persistently high unemployment”, If the offer is exceeding the demand for laborers.

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Germany accommodates chairmanship in the EU and the UN Security Council

Germany ames the Council Prosident in the European Union until the end of the year and at the same time for a month chaired in the UN Security Council. Top theme is the fight against the Corona crisis in both bodies. The expectations of the Federal Government are high. Presidency of the 27 EU states is the first gross goal of bringing the next seven-year-old EU budgetary framework and a billionary economic program in July. Also important are the planned trading pact with a Great Britain after Brexit as well as climate protection, digitization and migration.

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Microsoft and Google want to start qualification programs for workers

The technology corporations Google and Microsoft want to grab people under their arms with two coarse-applied qualification programs, whose jobs were deleted by the consequences of lung disease COVID-19 or are threatened with acute. Microsoft now launched a qualification initiative for 25 million workers worldwide. Google set up a program that focuses on around ten million people and companies in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. They are to be supported by the end of 2021 in it, with digital tools and work skipping the consequences of the pandemic faster to overwind. As a side effect, the initiatives could also be alleviated.

Vr glasses hp reverb g2: 4k resolution and valve lenses for 600 us dollars

Manufacturer HP has explored its third virtual reality. The Reverb G2 is like the first reverb to Microsoft’s Windows Mixed Reality Platform (WMR), but in addition in partnership with Valve was created and is therefore completely compatible with SteamVR. The resolution remains identical to 2160 × 2160 pixels per eye, ie 4320 × 2160 pixels as a whole, but new LCD panels are used.

The two 2.89 inches of coarse displays have a high maximum brightness and better contrast than in the process, which also decreases the persistence movements should be more liquid. The refresh rate remains at 90 Hertz, the field of view at 114 degrees. Fresnellinses for the light break are a separate development of Valve. HP admits that the reverb (1) had a gray-firing, which should be resolved at the REVERB G2. The eye spacing can be set over a slider between 60 and 68 mm.

VR glasses HP Reverb G2

Vr glasses hp reverb g2: 4k resolution and valve lenses for 600 us dollars

Four cameras for inside-out tracking

The inside-out tracking from Microsoft’s WMR kit pursues head, player and hand movements with four instead of two cameras, without the help of external stations. The two additional cameras sit on the sides, so that the REVERB G2 controller movements also tracked laterally. Meanwhile, the controllers receive a custom shape and the thumb Touchpads make room for two buttons each. Finger movements are not tackled differently than Valves VR glasses index.

Google workspace: linking the services including new design

Google WorkSpace bundled all communication and collaboration services of the company. The new brand should create a new user experience and thus facilitate work and increase productivity. After some other services have already been integrated in the summer in Gmail, this is the all-round shock. And probably also an attack on Microsoft with teams. First of all, only business customers get access, but this year, all users can access workspace.

In Workspace, documents can be opened and worked together, links can be displayed in a preview, in case of persons from a @ sign, Google suggests more procedures to contact the person or send it the document currently being processed. When processing a document in a room, ie with multiple persons, can all track changes in real time and at the same time see through a picture-in-picture mode via videoconference. Administrators get a new overview with reports on the activities of users and for the basic settings.

New design for new work

With the appearance of the new brand also goes hand in a new brand identity. Gmail, Drive, the calendar and MEET get four-color icons that are supposed to stand for a flexible and helpful user experience. Docs, sheets and slides retain their icons, but with lightweight changes to emphasize that they belong to the product family, Google writes in an envision.

Microsoft flight simulator: the most important tips in the video

For 14 years, fans of the Microsoft flight simulators have been waiting for a new ie. Now she is there – and excites besides flight enthusiasts also newcomers. Johannes Bornsen of Our Site is a hobby flyer and has lit the flight simulator for several weeks more excellent. In a video series, he gives tips with the entry into the Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Our site betrayed in the videos, among other things, which equipment you should have how to find places on coordinates which settings you can customize and how to display the frame rate.

Tips and tricks for flight simulator: Ie 1 Tips and tricks for flight simulator: Ie 2