Tails 4.17: software updates and smaller bugfixes for anonymous os

A new version of the Debian-based, anonymous live system tails is now available. The developers have in Tails 4.17 updated supplied software and thus eliminates some attacking possibilities; In addition, they have screwed on the reliability of the automatic upgrade process and fixed some bugs.

The Linux Distribution Tails ("The Amnesic Incognito Live System") Supplies users to move (possibly) anonymously on the Internet to bypass state censorship and leave no traces on used computers. In addition, it brings with tools to protect sensitive files and digital communication from unauthorized access.

Fresh software improved automatic upgrades

Tails 4.17 raises the goal version serving as the basis for anonymization to The gate browser has also received an update, with the Tail developers in the release notes a typo allowed to undergo a typing: the gate browser version 10 specified there.0.14 is expected according to Release Schedule either in April. Meant is probably version 10 instead.0.13 (Release today Tuesday) on Firefox 78.9 ESR is based and thus at least four vulnerable fixes on board. Also the Thunderbird update to 78.8 LIVES FOVE WEIGHTS. The bootloader Grub was on 2.04-16 updated.

Streaming: dazn rises roughly at the champions league

The streaming provider Dazn shows the season 2021/22 almost all audiobooks of the UEFA Champions League. With the exception of a game on Tuesday, which will be on Amazon, the Champions League will run from summer 2021 then exclusively at Dazn for three years. This enables the company an open mystery on Tuesday. The previous place Hirsch Sky has to remain drapes at the Champions League.

When assigning the transfer rights for the Champions League seasons 2021/22 to 2023/24 in December, Amazon had secured a top game on Tuesday. In which framing Amazon will show these games is not clear yet. After Discovery suddenly wanted to seek the right-to-licensed rights because of the Corona crisis, the online landlord spontaneously secured some Bundesliga games and transfer them without additional fees at Amazon Prime video.

Newcomer with ambitions

That sky is out at the Champions League, the company had already snapped at the end of last year. This was how only Dazn stayed. The newbie on the streaming market was launched in Germany 2016 with Live Games of the English Premier League, which were previously seen at Sky. Since the season 2018/19 Dazn has the rights of the UEFA Europa League, which go to RTL from the season 2021/22. From 2019, there were also Bundesliga games at Dazn, whose rights had bought originally discovery. From the coming season, Dazn shows all Friday and Sunday games.

Vanmoof: app update removes us maximum speed for e-bikes

With an app update, the Dutch e-bike manufacturer Vanmoof preserves its customers in front of Arger with the police: The new version of the application removes the possibility to set the engine to US maximum speed. In the settings of the app no longer finds the selection menu with the EU and USA options. Instead, the app present only one button for backing the land settings. Who has operated his bike with US speed limit, only needs to print the button once, whereupon the wheel automatically sets itself on the EU specifications.

Vanmoof: app update removes us maximum speed for e-bikes

Screenshot from the new VanMoOF app: the possibility to switch between US and EU has been removed.

For several weeks, in Pedelec forums, the reports of drivers with e-bikes of the company Vanmoof, who reported by vanished controls by the police. The smart e-bikes of the Dutch manufacturer allow you to adapt various settings on the bike to your own desired wish settings in the associated smartphone app. While most options are useful, has one of them potential for legal problems: in the random settings of the app lay down whether the wheel is moved in the EU or in the USA.

Vaccination appointments in nrw: websites and hotlines overloaded after launch

At the start of the vaccination schedule in North Rhine-Westphalia, there has been a rush to the registration websites and hotlines. The Associations of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians of North Rhine and Westphalia-Lippe spoke of an overload and asked for patience.

Too rough rush

Extremely high access numbers to the websites and a high volume of calls to the 116 117 hotline currently led to significant delays in booking appointments for those eligible for vaccinations over the age of 80 in NRW, the organizations reported on Monday afternoon. "Work is underway to eliminate the bottlenecks", heb it further. "Anyone who has the option of booking an appointment at a later date should make use of this option."

The group of people entitled to vaccinations, who will be able to make appointments from Monday, comprises almost one million people in NRW. Despite the rough call center capacities with around 1,200 employees and the online portals created specifically for booking, it is so rough that there are bottlenecks in the allocation of appointments, at least to start with.

Tuxedo has introduced the 2021 models of the two notebooks XP15 and XP17, which therefore complies with NVIDIA graphics chips of the RTX 3000 series and thus are suitable for playing. Name Giving are the display coars of 15.6 and 17.3 inches. Away from the screens there are only a few differences between the two models.

So the XP15 can be equipped with a GeForce RTX 3060 in the most favorable configuration; Geforce RTX 3070 and GeForce RTX 3080 are available for a surcharge. The XP17 is only with 3070 or 3080er graphics chip. In all cases, the GPUs under load permanently record 90 watts under load and for a higher boost again additional 15 watts.

Various screen options couples Tuxedo to the selected GPU: It starts with IPS panels that represent 1920 × 1080 pixels (Full HD) with 144 Hertz, cover the SRGB color space fully cover and light up to 300 CD / m². More expensive variants dominate G-SYNC or 300 Hertz. The top models with GeForce RTX 3080 or Geforce RTX 3070 set on OLED displays with ultra-HD resolution (3840 × 2160 pixels) and 60 Hertz – optionally factory-calibrated.

Independent report: facebook does not do enough to protect burger rights

The final report of an independent, two-year investigation of Facebook’s guidelines and their implementation certifies the social network, not enough for the protection of user rights to do. Although there was progress, but as well "Significant rucks for the burger rights", So the authors and US Burgerrellers, Laura W. Murphy and Megan Cascace from the law firm Relman Colfax. The investigation had commissioned Facebook itself.

The 100th paper has been published on Wednesday. Facebook does not have the infrastructure to protect burger rights and place freedom of expression against discrimination against discrimination. Some decisions of the network were made contrary to the expertise of burger lawliers. Writing the authors of the report, many people who have been involved for years for burger rights and freedom of expression, be de-exchanged and sour because their use show little effect.

Facebooks insight hold in limits

Mark Zuckerberg showed little clearly, he repeatedly relied on freedom of expression, rated now improvement. His right hand, manager Sheryl Sandberg, had already been committed to the publication of the report on their Facebook profile, one will make changes.

Netflix has an offshoot series of "The Witcher" Confirmed, which should play a long before the events of the main series around witches. "The Witcher: Blood Origin" Does the origin of the witcher pay 1200 years ago. In the Buchers of Andrzej Sapkowski, the well-known Witcher world was created by the so-called "Sphare conjuncture": a collision of multiple parallel worlds, through which magical living beings entered the world.

In case of bookers and films, this Sci-Fi concept has so far vague, obviously Netflix, with his new series, now might bring some light into the dark. Overall, the new live action series, which is produced by Declan de Barra and Lauren Schmidt Hissrich, should have six parts. Actors are not yet known, also a publication date does not name Netflix.

Animation film also in progress

With "The Witcher: Blood Origin" Netflix liked to the rough success of the first season of "The Witcher" puck. This series had been viewed by 76 million households at least two minutes – according to Netflix record for a first season. Next to "Blood Origin" Does Netflix also work on an animation movie called "The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf".

The team behind Thorntail has announced to hire the Open Source project after five years. The software started under the name Wildfly Swarm aims for suitable tailored Java application packages for Microservices architectures. As a reason for the setting, the team calls two aspects: Quarkus has established itself in the Micrososervices segment, and the application server Wildfly, which is the open source basis for Red Hat JBoss EAP, is now fully tailored to the Microprofile API.

From Wildfly Swarm to Thorntail

In mid-2015, the first alpha of Wildfly Swarm has appeared. The project aimed for properly tailored variants of the Java application server for specific applications. It relies on the FAT-JAR concept or single JAR Applications: all needed components for exporting an application including the components of the application server in a Java archive.

With the version jump to 2.0 also changed the name of the project: From Wildfly Swarm was Thorntail. By mid-2020, some minor releases followed. The current version Thorntail 2.7.0 has been published in June and will be the last update of the series planned.

Infrastructure as code: checkmarx publishes static code analysis kics

The Israeli companies specialized at Security in the DevoPS environment Checkmarx has expanded its portfolio of the Software KICS designed for infrastructure as Code (IAC). The acronym stands for Keeping Infrastructure as Code Secure. The Open Source application searches for static code analysis after vulnerabilities such as the code stored in code or passwords in plain text.

Especially in the cloud-native environment, but also in the classical data center, the IAC designated and managing the infrastructure about code increasing popularity. Benefits include the simple connection of procedures from software development such as versioning.

Weak points in plain text

The KICS tool examines the code with methods of static code analysis after vulnerabilities such as misconfigurations to reduce the risk for data leaks. The software is looking for hard-coded passwords or closing in the code. In addition, it should trace incorrect configurations and compliance problems.

Shortly informed: broadband expansion, grimme online award, facebook, tktok

Glass fiber cover in Koln on the highest

When expanding with fast glass fiber lines, Koln has the nose. With a removal rate of around 80 percent, the Rheinmetropole is still ahead of Munchen and Hamburg, as the Comparison Portal Verivox detected in an evaluation based on the federal broadband content. The capital Berlin is far off in the comparison of the 20 million towns with only funf percent glass fiber lines. In the leaders, the good expansion values were concluded not only by the activities of gross telecommunications companies, but also by the contribution of local providers such as Netcologne or M-Net.

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Grimme Online Award for Virologists Road, NSU Watch and Destruction of the CDU

The podcast "The coronavirus update" With the Berlin Virologen Christian Road, the Grimme Online Award has won the. The NDR production was in the category "information" Excellent with the coveted price for outstanding network offers. In addition, the audience price went to the podcast. Another award goes to the Weblog NSU-Watch, which has been observed and documented since 2013 the NSU process as well as the parliamentary examination outcomes on the National Socialist underground on Landers and federal level. Rezos YouTube video about the contradictions of ruling politics won in the category "Special". "With besy simple, but professional means provoked rezo helpless reactions of the surprised political system, which made the video correctly to the national event", The jury meant.