Epic Games tries to be a new form of exclusive ideal: the upcoming strategy game "A Total was Saga: Troy" will not only appear at the EPIC Games Store, but to be available for free for free. EPIC combines its two most popular methods to attack Steam.

who "Total was: Troy" wants to take free in the EPIC Games Store, must be fast: the strategy game will be available for free 24 hours after the start. Beyond "Troy" Normal price costs – expected between 40 and 50 euros. The release of "Total was: Troy" is for the 13. August planned, a year later can "Troy" Then also appear on Steam. Pre-orderable was the game yet. the "Totally"-Series is one of the most important strategies on the PC.

Trailer too "Total was: Troy" (Source: Creative Assembly)

A current patch for the PC version of "Metro Exodus: Enhanced Edition" Improves the compatibility of the EGO shooter to the PS5 Gamepad "Dualsense". With the update, the Ukrainian Developer Studio 4a Games activates the pracisen vibration motors and adaptive triggers on the PC.

"Metro Exodus: Enhanced Edition" is thus the first larger PC game that supports the special functions of the dualSense controller. Players can use the PS5 Gamepad with all the titles published on the Game Platform Steam. In this integration, however, only the standard functions, for example, the head and the simple vibration work.

The Features of the DualSense Controller tried

Germany explores manganese reduction in the pacific - greenpeace protested

Germany examines the degradation of metal-containing tubers in the deep sea within the framework of a European research project. In the Pacific between Hawaii and Mexico a device is tested until mid-May, which can accommodate so-called manganese seams from the seabed, the Federal Institute for Geosciences and Raw Materials (BGR) on Wednesday. The tubers contain raw materials that are important for renewable energy technologies and electrical gersides, in addition to manganese are the nickel, copper and cobalt.

Giant vacuums on the seabed

The works for the project "Mining impact" First of all, take place in a Belgian, then in a German manganese license area. The Collector Prototype of the Belgian Company Global Sea Mineral Resources (GSR) is drained in 4500 meters depth. The prototype named "Patania II "exists according to BGR message from a suspension and a hydraulic recording system, over which the tubers are sucked together with the surrounding sediment. According to GSR, the tuber collector is supplied and controlled by a five kilometer long cable from the ship with energy.

In addition, two dive robots and about 40 different sensors on the seabed are in use. A team of 23 scientists aboard the Norwegian ship "Iceland Pride" should explore the environmental impact. According to the BGR it is the world’s first test of this kind.

Easter with make: we are looking for the most beautiful easter projects

Easter is crafting time. And not all alone in front of themselves, we want to share our ideas! Therefore, we are looking for your projects at the Make Projects Easter Challenge. Every year we present some Easter projects, such as these 3D printers converted to the easter egg-painted 3D printer, but we are sure: there is still much more.

Easter project submit

3D-printed Easter eggs, Easter bunny robot, self embroidered egg warm, Easter bunny in all sorts of formats, egg-mal machines, colorful upcycling easter decoration of old boards, egg detectors, self-made silicone baking molds in the Easter design for the Easter brunch or chocolate … What are there for festive easter projects a? Sign up on our project platform Make Projects and shows us.

Which topic of yours you play, which material or which tools you use, we leave completely free. You can work toilet, close, 3D printing, with wood or steel or handle the CNC fries and leave the creativity free run.

Bjarne strouffup lotes careering of his programming language c ++

Bjarne Strouffup, the 69-year-old Danish inventors of C ++, has the development of its 2006 programming language (your 21. Birthday) still recapitulated in an essay. The starting point of the contribution is the observation that the programming language C ++ has always adapted quickly new functions, without intervening with the historically grown language scope. For example, C ++ 2006 still had numerous elements from the 1970s with an onboard.

C ++: thrive in a digital world in transition

Under the title "Thriving in A Crowded and Changing World (thrive in a dense, commend to the world): C ++ 2006-2020" Lotes Strouffup, such as C ++ from a relatively simple combination of languages C and Simula for the hardware near system programming of the 1980s "developed for a far more complex and more effective tool for a bandwidth of applications" have.

The Community of the C ++ developers, according to Strouffup of then (2006), has grown around 3 million to around 4.5 million today. During this time, new programming models, new hardware architectures and new fields of application, developed many well-financed and professionally marketed programming languages about market share.

Supply chain law: eu parliament urges 'fair' it'faire' it ​'faire' it ​

In a decleation adopted on Wednesday with a clear majority, the EU Parliament for a Strict European Supply Chain Act. This will make companies be held liable if they violate human rights, environmental standards and good corporation. 504 MPs voted for the initiative, 79, 112 contained.

Binding EU rules on due diligence are intended to determine companies according to the resolution to determine all aspects of their value chain including indirect business relationships and investment chains. If they are due to detrimental impact on human rights, employee protection or the environment, for example, by a negative contribution to climate change or for deforestation, they had to fix them. The same should apply to corruption and bribery.

Hard sanctions

The due diligence should cover the entire value chain, desire the people’s representatives. They also have to apply for all major corporations in the European market as well as for small and medium-sized enterprises, which are borsenated or in high-risk sectors such as raw material extraction and the textile industry. For off, hard sanctions should grab. Parliament wants to open victims of human rights violations or environmental and climate damage also the way to civil reception.

Dsgvo: eu mep tumbled better privacy enforcement

The Committee on Bourgever Lavards, Justice and Home Affairs of the EU Parliament calls for an effective enforcement of the Data Protection Basic Regulation (DSGVO). Above all, the deputies drives that many supervisors in the EU do not have sufficient personnel, technical and financial resources to fulfill their duties and effectively expand their powers. The control instances should be able to process a growing number of resource-intensive and complex trap quickly and generally.

Ireland and Luxembourg in the sights

In a decisive design adopted on Tuesday with 41 to 2 votes at 24 abstentions, the body appeals mainly to the Irish and Luxembourg privacy habits to accelerate their current investigations in important cases. Above all, the Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC) is considered chronic understaff and biased and is only slow in the coarse international procedures initiated by it. It is designed for internet corporations like Facebook, Google and Twitter, as they have their European headquarters in Ireland.

Among other things, the Luxembourg Prufters include proceedings against Amazon. First Bubgelden had actually been given 2020, but it came here to delays. In Germany, the Data Protection Officer of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Heinz Muller, over an inappropriate staffing system complains. He was therefore leaving the SPD at the end of 2019. The controller had applied for their own information on the 21 existing locations 13 more to forcend the new tasks linked to the DSGVO, but no approved.

Corona documentary videos: at some point, people paint

Empty straws and parks, snakes in front of supermarkets, lonely days, unexpected children: The Corona-Lockdown in the spring of the year was putting many people into an emergency state. An unusual film about the as unacusful time and its balancing has put together the Easter-Rich Art Project #Cight Experiment.

Comic and tragic close to each other

From more than 1500 submitted mobile phone videos, the artists cut the "Corona_Rolle". Around 500 people offered private recordings from Marz to June – from Bizarre to Banal and a historical time document, such as the director and artistic director Elisabeth Scharlang named it.

"Somehow you realize the weird and the tragic, that’s so close to each other", said Scharlang the German Press Agency in Vienna. "I ame that people have made things in these Lockdown weeks who have never made them, quite sure before before, and the interesting thing is that they have held on video, why always."

Short informed: electricity, cyber attack, online shopping, sky

Renewable energies covers 2020 almost half of the power consumption

Renewable energies such as wind and solar power have covered almost half of the power consumption in Germany this year. Concretely, the proportion of electricity from wind, photovoltaics, biomass and other regenerative energy carriers was a good 46 percent of gross electricity consumption, such as premium calculations of the center for solar energy and hydrogen research Baden-Wurttemberg and the Federal Association of Energy and Water Management showed. Last year, he was 42.5 percent. One reason for the increasing portion of the okostrom is based on the electricity consumption falling through the Corona pandemic. Goods this year as much electricity as consumed in 2019, renewable energies had covered a good 44 percent of electricity consumption.

Shortly informed by Our Site · Short informed 14.12.2020: Electricity, Cyber attack, online shopping, SKY

Cyber attacks against US ministries – Moscow under suspicion

According to various media reports, hackers should have attacked the financial and commercial ministry as well as other US resorts. The Washington Post reported hackers with links to Russian intelligence service are responsible for the attacks. It is unclear what information was abandoned. The cyberattacks lasted for months. These are the same hackers who had attacked the IT security company Fireeye, the US resists often turn on when cyberataps. Fireeye had announced last Tuesday, at the attack was also stolen attack software, with which the company usually tests the defense systems of his customers.

C't archive 2020 with new software't archive 2020 with new software

Among other things, the C’t annual subscription plus contains the possibility of downloading article archives with entire vendors and installing locally. Our software for displaying and browsing the local archive had come to the years. The associated navigator software ran only under Windows, for Macos and Linux there were only search tools.

For the year 2020, we have developed a new archive program from the Berlin company Endava. It uses the Electron Framework and is thus an easy-to-use chromium browser with full-text search and bookmark management for article. He runs on Windows, Macos and Linux. As a bonus, the new archive also contains the year 2020 the C’t ies from 2019. The data is available in HTML format. Also new: Videos about the articles are linked in the archive and can be charged online.

the .ISO file with the archive is 8.3 gigabytes roughly. To download you, you must log on to our site with the account to your Plus subscription and switch to the C’t archive. Please make a choiche “Year 2020” and then “Show all books”. When you are logged in, the download link FURS Annual Archive appears on the litup view. Tie the downloaded .ISO file with a double-click as a drive and open this.