Finnix 122: slim and fast admin linux

The Linux Distribution Finnix, named after its inventor Ryan Finnie, has appeared in version 122. Above all, the update includes error corrections, but also has a few new features on board.

More speed

As before, Finnix addresses administrators who require a slim but still functional mini system for maintenance of other Linux systems. This is the distribution in direct competition to similar products such as Grml. Like this FINNIX on Debian Gnu / Linux, unlike the live images of the gross model, but with significantly slimmer package selection is therefore. On top of that, Finnix charges almost its entire content in the RAM when booting, which brings gross benefits to the topic of speed. Other distributions use this option only if the admin specifies it explicitly.

The Performance Screw has been obviously in great importance for the Finnix creators in the new version 122. If Finnix was still optimized for the booting of CDs, even USB sticks can also be used. The FINNIX images for these are not only better in version 122 more easily with ages, but the system starts from the USB stick even flotter than its transactions. In the packet selection, Finnix 122 is once more than economical: some hardly used package is no longer a long part of Finnix, which significantly reduces the size of the ISO images of the distribution.

Alphabet growth in all areas and increases sales by 23 percent

Alphabet continued to grow at the end of 2020. The now relevant quarter numbers of Google Holding illustrate the success of online videos in Corona times, because the revenue with YouTube advertising increases by 46 percent. The cloud business continues to grow, but still has to accept losses in billions.

Alphabet has implemented $ 56.9 billion in the fourth quarter of last year, an increase of 23 percent towards the fourth quarter of 2019. The operating profit has jumped by 69 percent to 15.7 billion US dollars, the net profit at least 43 percent to 15.2 billion. The turnover yield increased year-on-year from 20 to last 28 percent.

YouTube grow strong thanks to Covid

The main company of alphabet remain the Google Services with the advertising revenue from search engine and the video platform Youtube, which together make up 93 percent of sales. Revenue from Google search increased by 17 percent to the last year, but Youtube advertising has even grown by 46 percent.

Report: storage manufacturer adata attacked in may by ransomware

One of the world’s largest storage manufacturers has become aim of a ransomware attack. The Taiwanese company Adata explained on request that the attack on the 23. May 2021 took place. The Hacker Group Ragnar Locker has taken responsibility for the attack and threatens to unopdrumed sensitive data should not be paid.

Adata is attending memory modules and SSDs to the FUF tracted manufacturers in the world, but also offers mobile devices, gaming products and industrial solutions. The company itself did not call a detail of the ransomware attack, but it explained on request from our site that the business operation after switching off and restoring the affected systems now normally run normally.

Hacker group wants to have caught 1.5 TByte

While Adata did not betray who is behind the attack, whether data has been caught or lost getting required, the hacker group Ragnar Locker has the attack according to a report by Bleeping computer praise. Accordingly, the group has caught 1.5 TB of sensitive data from Adatas networks before the ransomware has been installed.

Satellite internet: onweb saved by partial nationalization

Onweb is back. The British company might bring with a fleet of earth-oriented satellites available broadband internet access also in remote regions. But in Marz, the company slipped into the bankruptcy. It was rescued by a capital injection of a billion US dollar by the United Konigreich and the Indian Bharti Group. Now satellite production and starts restart.

So far onweb has 74 satellites in orbit. Already on the 17th. December should be another 36 with a Soyuz-2.1b rocket start. It should be the first commercial missile launch of the Russian Cosmodrom Wostotchny.

"We have recognized that ONEWEB has valuable worldwide (frequency rights)", said Bharti-Grunder Sunil Bharti Mittal, "And we benefit from $ 3.3 billion already invested as well as satellites already in orbit and thus secure our frequency usage rights." Through the rescue from the bankruptcy oneWEB was able to reactivate a joint venture with Airbus. The production of new satellites has already been resumed to the Understanding.